Fergie Frederiksen

was born Dennis Hardy Frederiksen May 15th 1951 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. His familiy emigrated from Denmark to the states more than 100 years ago.  Even though Fergie is most known for being a former vocalist in TOTO, he has done a lot of other stuff too. Trillion, LeRoux, Frederiksen/Philips, Mecca and David London (solo album, under pseudonym) are some to mention.  In 1999 he released his solo album Equilibrium to great reviews.   

Fergie with his high pitching voice made his debut as a singer at an early age. Fergie started his musical career at the age of 13, and he played clubs and pubs at the age of 15 with musicians three times his own age! Fergie remembers those days as a great time of his life, and he tells us that he really learned a lot from his older playmates. Fergie realised by coinsidence that he could sing, and he therefore decided that he would try to make a living out of it…  

Frederiksen moved to Chicago in 1975 and replaced Tommy Shaw in the band MS Funk. Tommy and Fergie had been friends and Shaw suggested Fergie as his replacement when he moved on to join Styx. Shortly after Fergie met Patrick Leonard and together they formed Trillion who was shortly picked up by Epic Records. After one record Fergie left the band and joined LeRoux, which he released an album with in 1983 (So fired up). In the meantime Fergie decided to move out to Los Angeles in 1980 and started to get involved in a lot of session work, through this he met bassplayer and producer Ricky Phillips. They build up a close friendship and they are still the best of friends. LeRoux totally cracked up as a band, and after this Fergie started a band with Phillips, drummer Pat Torpey, guitarist Tim Pierce, guitarist Scott Sheets and keboardplayer John Purdell. The band was called Abandon Shame. 

Thats when Ricky Phillips gave a video to his friend Jeff Porcaro.
”And the next thing I know was that I was asked to join Toto who were looking for a new singer after the demise of Bobby Kimball” says Fergie and continues, ”Ricky and the other guys in Abandon Shame was very understanding as it was a huge chance to join Toto”. Fergie recorded ”Isolation” with Toto, ”It was a adventurous album” Fergie recalls, ” It was a band who took a chance of doing a album not in any way as commercial as their previous album, it was a album heavier and more progressive. But still to this day a great album.” Due to various reasons Fergie left Toto only after one album. Today Fergie feels nothing bad about his former playmates in TOTO, life is good for him anyway, so why should he? Fergie have made friends with his former bandmates again, and he joined them on stage to sing a few songs in the US in early May 2007.

Fergie decided to put away the microphone for awhile. ” I was basically burnt out , not so much as for the music but more as for how the whole industry works and all this hassle and bullshit you have to deal with apart from doing good music”. After some years in the restaurant business, Fergie felt the passion for music again, and he recorded an album with his all time buddy Ricky Phillips (Frederiksen / Phillips), released in 1994.  After this Fergie felt that he wanted to live for and by the music again, and he released his brilliant solo album ”Equilibrium” in 1999. Fergie is also a member of the ”The World Classic Rockers”, a band that plays a lot of hits from different musicians from former great bands, names to mention: Nick St. Nicholas (Steppenwolf), Michael Monarch (Steppenwolf), Alex Ligertwood (Santana), Randall Hall (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Aynsley Dunbar (Journey) and bandmembers Dave Coyle (guitar and vocals) and Steve Stewart (keyboard and vocals), and of course Fergie himself. 

Fergie was also in the exciting band Mecca that recieved raving reviews worldwide for their first album released in 2002 entitled Mecca. He was a part of the band with his good friend Joe Vana, and David Hungate, the former bassplayer of Toto, to name a few. What will happen with Mecca is unsure, but Fergie will not continue his work with them.

Fergie is also working more and more with his great friend Tommy Denander, and an interesting project between the two of them was released in June 2007. Frederiksen-Denander with title name “Baptism By Fire” have recieved great reviews, order it online now! Fergie have been a part of all 3 Radioactive album that Tommy Denander have released, and they enjoyed it so much that it ended up with a complete album.

Fergie is involved in bringing awareness of Hepatitis C, a disease he has been struggling with himself. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the most common chronic blood-borne infection in the United States. Fergie have arranged benefit shows for the American Liver Foundation, with the cause of fighting Hep C. He went thru a succesful treatment in 2005, which he is fighting for other patients to recieve too.

In the spring of 2010 Fergie were diagnosed with liver cancer, and in the summer of 2010 his friends held a benefit show for his treatment, many great artists and friends stepped up to a very emotional evening of great music. Mike Woodley, a very close friend of Fergie put it all together. Fergie was so ill at a point that he was given only painkillers and no treatment. His time left on this beautiful planet was to be short, but as by a miracle Fergie got better, not for good, but at least for a good time, and with energy enough to be working on a brand new album. “Happiness is the road” was released in October 2011 to great reviews worldwide.

As cancer was eating into Fergies body and sould again, he was being held up of love from family and great friends, and were able to get back on the road with Legends – Voices of rock, touring with such legends as Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin, Joe Lynn Turner, Steve Augeri and many others, backed up by a great band led by Tommy Denander. They went to Europe, Scandinavia and even Japan. This did Fergie good, and fans around the world could once more hear those amazing Toto songs from Isolation live again, to great vocals by Fergie. He stunned people!

Even if his health were slowly declining, he was able to work on a new album, mainly with the great Alessandro Del Vecchio, and “Any given moment” were released in August 2013, once again to raving reviews worldwide!

During the summer of 2013 Fergies health got so ill that he had to withdraw from touring, and the “road” got tougher over his last months. Not being able to tour made it difficult for him with rising health bills, and finanically he got into struggles. His Family, led by his son Kyler set up a fund page (, you can still donate to the cause of cleaning up costs after funeral, bills etc, and backing of his family in general.

Once more Fergies good friend Mike Woodley set up a fundrising event, “Friends for Fergie celebration”, where they celebrated Fergies contribution to music, family and friends. This was held on December 15 2013, with great friends as Bobby Kimball, Jimi Jamison, Alex Ligertwood, Fran Cosmo, Randall Hall and Kevin Chalfant amongst others. Other friends also sent their video greetings that were showed to Fergie and the audience ( Toto (Steve Lukather/David Paich) also payed their personal respect to Fergie in a way of their own.

With declining health, Fergie, family and friends knew the outcome of his situation, but still so, Fergie kept his spirits, optimism, and even his well know great humor for his last days and weeks. He refused to get back on chemo therapy, and decided that nature should decide on his health.

January 18 in 2014, our beloved soulmate, Dennis Hardy “Fergie” Frederiksen passed away in his sleep. He was surrounded by his family, and was in no pain when he took his last breath. We will miss this fantastic man, with such great talents, he was even bigger as a man. With his angelig voice, he is now singing, dancing and doing his backflips with “Heaven Band”. It got greatly improved just now…

RIP Fergie

About The Site

This website is The official Fergie Frederiksen Website. Webmaster is Klaus Jakobsen, and many have contributed to it over the years. We went online in 1998, and are still rocking, thanx to Riemer Palstra, Vegard Nilsen and John Isvik. I would like to thank Fergie himself for being such a true friend and hero in so many ways over the years.

If you would like to reach us, send us a question, give some feedback or anything else, send us an e-mail  to post(at)fergiefrederiksen(dot)com.

Best Regards

Klaus Jakobsen

61 Responses to Biography

  • Jürgen says:

    Hi Fergie,
    it is fantastic to hear that you will appear again with toto in next year.
    We all (the Fans from german TOTO-Forum) pleased about it.

    By the way, I ‘ve there a request, a friend of mine looks for the lyrics from your songs: Close That Gap and Blinded By emotion from the album “Mecca” would it be possible, to get them from you?

    Many thanks and we see you in 2008 with several toto concerts


  • Rik Stirling says:


    Long time, no chat. I have expanded Stirling Sound, and would like to touch base with you. I trust that all is well~


  • Cheryl says:

    I’m a 40-something new Fergie fan. Sure don’t know where I’ve been as I grew up in the 70s. Anyway, I’m not in the music business but I do have any appreciation for a gift/talent like Fergie’s. What an incredibly beautiful voice! Wow. Can’t get enough of it. Where can I buy Frederiksen/Phillips, Equilibrium and Baptism by Fire. Are the older CDs also available?

  • CD music says:

    Hello, nice post. Bookmark it.

  • Forrest Schultz says:

    Great Bio Fergie , Care to share it with the rest of your class-mates at RHS in 2009 ?Drop me a line . Forrest ( 3rd chair trombone )

  • Henrik Costa says:

    Dear Fergie ………. Im another one of the 40+ who are so exited to hear that you are back again. As another TOTO fan, i was so pleased to hear that you are going on tour with them – You play a very big part of TOTO , no doubt about that. In allmost 25 years, the best song for me ever has allways been “endless” it is so beatyfull and intense. Well done A+
    Finally – Best Regards and a happy new year to you, and your family.

  • Filip (Bosnia&Herzegovina - Mostar) says:

    Fergie… you’re the KING!!!

  • Andy Wilcox says:

    Hi Fergie, I had to see if you were from Grand Rapids. I used to drum for a band called Ozz in G.R. back in the mid 80s. Our keyboard player used to be so proud that you were from his city…….cool. seeya!

  • Scott Shaw says:

    Toto’s Isolation is still one of my all time fav albums. I saw you with Leroux in 1980 (I think) in Meridian Ms. Good Luck!

  • don meanor says:



  • don meanor says:



  • martymetal says:

    hi fergie,

    i don’t know if you will remember meeting me. but i met you with my friend desiree back in the early 80’s in LA . great times … i was there when your parakeet flew into the window and died, i was so heart-broken for you… anyways . ROCK ON buddy , you rule

  • Cindy Roddy Naquin says:

    My brother is Rod Roddy, keyboard player for LeRoux. I just went to a concert on the 4th of July ~ LeRoux still rocks. They are awesome. My favorite Fergie song with LeRoux is Carries’ Gone. Love that song, nobody sings it like Fergie though. Like this site.

  • rufus says:


    i know all previous messages mentioned above are wonderful facts with bands.. but i will always remember the Power of TRILLION when you fronted them across the land! i know you with some of the best artists afterwards but…you were with some of the BEST at that time with TRILLION, as well , and they sound goooood. give them a call.

  • rufus says:

    Trillion sounds good NOW!

  • Heru says:

    Toto with Fergie Frederiksen voice was coloring the world of young man just like me a 10 years ago and coloring my right-brian to think most of wonderfull ideas to live as a young man at time.
    Untill today, I still remember Toto and Fergie’s voice, and it helps me to remember the past as well that my youngest year really colorfull.

  • pamela says:

    hi fergie:
    Toto, without you, isn’t the same. Your voice is wonderfull.

  • Carolyn says:

    Fergie, what is the name of the band in which you performed long ago at the Shamrock in Grand Rapids? Flyin Home? Tanglewood?

    • john r denton says:

      I can answer that It was Flyin Home. A great band.

    • Roger Rozema says:

      I play bass in Tanglewood. Thanks for remembering, Carolyn. Many great memories of the days when Flyin’ Home and us played @ the Rock. Never missed an opportunity to have Fergie sing w/ us when he was in attendance. Sad to hear of his passing today.

  • tom pabich says:

    ran into this site by accident. I wonder if you remember the early early days at
    hedden west and the trip after the thirsty whale gig to lake point towers.
    The late night sesions in the studio doing a bunch of songs that got the first deal.
    Anyway if you remember me im impressed.

  • Jim Jannasch (JJ) says:


    If you read this, I was just wanting to know if you finished the El Camino? We met on a plane going to Palm Springs in 08 going to the Firestone event. Hope all is well.


  • Jean-Philippe D. says:

    hi everybody,

    what a pleasure to learn that you prepare a new album.

    Will come you in France for a live show ?

    i’m waiting for this new album, we love you !

    see you in france,
    i hope !


  • Julie O'Meara says:

    HEY!!! Just wondering if your still in Minnesota…. still boating?? Used to hang out with us on the “JOLLY_O”
    i hope all is well with you!!! Best Regards, Julie

  • John "Speedy" Gonzales says:

    Hey Fergie, I saw you in Casper Wyoming with TOTO Isolation Tour and actually met you in the elevator in the Hilton after the show. In 1988/89 I was living in Lincoln Ca, and met you again. This time you were driving limo for a company in Sacramento. You took us to see Cinderella but the show was cancelled. I got a pic with you that you autographed. Do you remember this? You are still one of my favorite singers and I wish you all the best man.


  • Tony says:

    Hi Fergie
    Thougt I’d drop you a note, I was the concert promoter when you performed in Dubai with WCR back in 2001 (I think). Great memories for me and all who met you. take care

  • Ralph Galetti says:

    Hi Fergie,

    So, I’m hoping you remember me–Toto came to the Air Force Academy in the spring of 1985. I was one of the cadets helping back stage. We swapped shirts and you wore my USAFA T-shirt on the stage! What I DIDN’T know until today was that you wrote and sang one of my all-time favorites: Samantha (David London). I only wish I would’ve known that back then, and I wish even more I had followed your career since then. Shortly after the Toto show at the Academy, our band (called “Voices”) covered “Carmen” from the Isolation album. I played keyboards and sang lead–not an easy song to cover and still one of my all time favorites. I personally think Isolation was one of the best Toto albums ever–no coincidence that you were a huge part of it!

    Best wishes,


  • Paul Archis says:

    Keep on the road to getting better Fergie, you’re in many people’s thoughts and prayers..Love watching your vid’s and listening to the music.Planning on getting a copy of Baptism, some incredible music there!

  • Stephane says:

    Courage !! can’t wait to hear you again soon !!!
    From a huge fan in France, Thanks for all !

  • Lucas Gordon says:

    Fergie I am finishing the review of your latest album for 8 magazines. Once published, it will be covering the whole Latin America and part of Europe.
    …and I found that you were ill.
    I am wondering if you are recovering. Either way and without giving you false hope, I might help you (and I am willing to).
    You or who is helping you with this website are welcome to contact me. Also I will give you the direct links for each publication.
    And remember, for me there is no worst thing is than the suffer. I wish you get well soon and keep delighting us with your music.

  • john r denton says:

    Klaus is there anyway to get in touch with Fergie. It would be great to say hi and maybe talk about his days in grand rapids with flyin home and the common people.


  • carlos muñoz says:

    fergie es fergie no hay comparacion con su registro vocal, arriba ese animo! te esperamos!!

  • Joan Beeman says:

    Hey Fergie,

    You may not remember me, it’s been a long time 😛 I was a close friend to Phyllis and Patty from Grand Rapids. I have been thinking about you and praying for you! I remember listening to you sing “Stairway to Heavn” you have an angel’s voice. I will continue to pray for you. You have a lot of us that care and are praying for you!
    Take care ~ Joan
    P.S. Do you remember Carl Curtis (my cousin), from Rogers HS? He lives in Texas now.

  • chris says:

    Thanks for a fun and entertaining night at the Bayview. Your voices all still fresh and strong. Nice to give to the community. Best to you.

  • William Ryan says:

    I actually graduated from high school with Fergie. We were in tie for best class hair.
    Please email me as to his status. I have and will have already shed tears. I knew he was a great talent. I remember him entering the the stage with his acrobatic abilties and a voice that, as I have seen and heard , has matured greatly.
    I hope he remembers me.
    Love Bill

  • jon scotellaro says:

    i played bass with you in a band called probe i was 19 frankie sullivan was playing guitar . i later joined sherwyn spector. you told me i would grow up between 20 and 25 more than any other time in my life i never forgot it. im 57 and in 3 band in phoenix. hope to see you in sept at talking stick with toto hope all is good!!!

  • Roberto Marsala says:

    Hi Fergie, I like your voice since 1985 and i am very sad for your illness. I don’t know if what I have to say can help you, but i think that it would be better to try. Please would you like to contact me? Sorry for my english, perhaps it’s not fully correct!

  • Tom Mitchell says:

    I was listening to the “So Fired Up” album (have always loved it) and decided to google FF to see what was up. Glad I did. Thanks for the website Klaus.

  • Chuck from Little Caesars says:

    Miss you Ferg. Wish the best for you!

  • Andrew says:

    Hey fergie, I just got back from your show in Houma at the south down plantation, and you like ten feet away from me! I was the kid in the black shirt with the crazy hair. Thanks for entertaining all us southies’!

  • Jonas Nordström says:

    Dear Fergie, how many times have you indulge me by your incredible voice and
    divine talent as a musican?…..

    Actually, I´ve been working randomly in the same basement as Tommy Denander in
    “Finntorp” southeast of Stockholm, in the mid 90:ths.

    It would have been a great honour and opportunity to talk to you back then-
    but these days are gone, so I thank you through the real time feature
    we call the internet instead!!

    whatever happens, I hope the happiness on your road will go on steady, healthy

    Best regards from a keen forever Fergie fan!!/jonas.nordstrom.378

  • a former Trillion road-eye says:

    So much water under so many bridges since 1977 when Barry Fox & Zane Bresloff hired me to road-manage Trillion. I was in Bangkok earlier this year and met a man, Doug Banker. Somehow we started talking abt Chicago and your name came up. Small world. He said you had been ill but were facing your challenges in the same manner in which I knew you – like a champ. Be well and best wishes for the holidays and 2013. Drop me a line if you’re inclined.
    Matt S to ody

  • Cottagewoodian says:

    Cottagewood prays for you.

    Friend of Art.

  • Mike Richards says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the great voice you added to Toto, if only for one album. Two songs in particular, Endless and Lion could only have been sung by you. You truly brought made those spong special. I wish you well and glad to see you are doing well. Again, thank you very much.

  • Ivette Martinez says:

    Fergie le doy las gracias por el concierto que realizara en Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, junto a Jimi Jamison, fue un concierto de calidad, fue un despliegue de buena musica, recordando cosas hermosas de mi vida. Mis respetos para usted, Jimi Jamison y la banda.

  • Jack Nelson says:

    Hey, Ferg…
    Can you still do a rudolph on the tramp ?
    Bob Marcellino’s club

  • Greg Hage says:

    Hi Fergie, You were one of my sister’s first boyfriends when you were around 17 back in GR. (Susan Hage) I am so happy that you made it big in the music industry! I was playing trombone in a small combo way back then, and am now retired in Northern Ca. Still playing in jazz combos, Big Bands and Orchestras. We are getting a new big band director this fall and I noticed on his bio that he had played trumpet with Toto and it triggered my memory that you were with the group for a while. I have a lot of musician friends and it’s great to know that you made the big times! Congratulations! Hope your health is stable, I have a couple of friends with similar issues. Loved your latest music video, you have a beautiful voice. I’ll check your web site from time to time to see if you ever do a show in Ca. Greg

  • Kerry Hudson says:

    I always wonder why no biography ever mentions his time with the band ANGEL. I have the demos they did and they are amazing. Wish an official release would have come out. Get well FERGIE !!!!

  • Samuel Lundqvist says:

    Miss you Fergie …. RIP

  • lunasis says:

    RIP,Fergie. You will be so missed.

  • Roger Rozema says:

    So many friends, so many roads. We in Grand Rapids, Michigan mourn tonight…Godspeed Fergie

  • David Stahl says:

    RIP Fergie. Your friends and fans in Mound, Minnesota will miss you, and your truly angelic voice. Godspeed. Your beautiful music will live on forever.

  • Joe Swanda says:

    RIP Fergie, I remember when you showed up at King’s Cove and talked with Sig and I about your new house boating adventure. What a gas! Seems like only yesterday. See you on the other side, bRenuddy.

  • Niels-Jørgen Østerby says:

    RIP Fergie – You were an amazing singer!
    Love from Denmark

  • Sue Erickson says:

    Where and when is the memorial service ? He will be missed!

  • Hiroshi "Jay" Saito says:

    RIP, Fergie. we all, your fans in Japan, miss you.

  • roman says:

    And I find myself reaching
    For a lifeline
    Throw me a lifeline
    And bring me back this time
    I need a lifeline
    Throw me a lifeline
    I’m going down for the last time

    You finally made it!
    Miss you

  • Tom West says:

    I enjoyed a Toto concert in 1985 at Northern CO Univ. while they were performing the Isolation tour. Twenty years later, I met Fergie and Alex Ligertwood in Alexandria, VA with the classic rockers. He was very kind, and talked about his life in Minnesota, since being divorced. Fergie said he enjoyed playing golf and being close to his family, there. Although we both grew up in Michigan, I remember asking why he didn’t establish his music in the Detroit area. He told me about his move to Chicago, the rest is history.


  • Mike Guion says:

    Sorry to be so late in learning of Fergie’s passing from this life to the next.
    I had the honor of meeting Fergie when he was running a club and booking acts in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The place was called Orie’s. In the time Fergie was in charge he brought in talent of the highest quality in the Blues world, such as Paul Oscher, Mark Hummel, James Cotten, Phillip Walker, and the great Jimmy Rogers.
    When I met Fergie, I had no idea of his past music experience. He was just the nice guy running the club. The night Phillip Walker played, he called Fergie up to the stage to sing, and I sort of rolled my eyes, having no idea the treat we were about to receive once he started singing. We all just looked at each other with slack jaws at his talent.
    During the period when Fergie was in charge, we had many great conversations about the music we loved. I’d thought a lot about him over these past few years, wondering where life had taken him. So sorry to learn I won’t be seeing him sing in this life again. I really liked him and thought he was a real decent fellow.

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