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May 4th 2012   Show with Alex Ligertwood & Joey Mulland, Bayview Entertainment Center, Excelsior MN

June 7th 2012  Show with Legends, voices of rock (with Steve Augeri, Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin), Nagoya, Japan

June 9th 2012  Show with Legends, voices of rock (with Steve Augeri, Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin), Osaka, Japan 

June 11th 2012 Show with Legends, voices of rock (with Steve Augeri, Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin), Tokyo, Japan

June 13th 2012 Show with Legends, voices of rock (with Steve Augeri, Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin), Tokyo, Japan

August 3d 2012 Show, Maple Plain, MN

September 15th 2012 Show, Hastings, MN

November 5th 2012, Charity Show, Chicago

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  • MASASHI Tsuchiya says:

    Dear Fergie,

    Thanks for giving me warm and heartful music always.
    I’m MASASHI, one of your fans here in Kobe, Japan.

    I”m really happy to hear that you will come over to Japan for four days concert in June 2012.
    Since I got to know you on Isolation album of TOTO when I was twelve years old, I’ve been listening your solo albums and checking live videos on YouTube as well. Here in Japan, as you might know, there are many fans of Fergie and we were waiting for your coming for so long time and at same time we’re worrying about your health as well.
    Finally, today we heard an official news of this event through the ticket agency.
    Wow!, this is unbelievable!

    We all visit your concerts held this June and really look forward to seeing you in Japan.

    Fergie, please take care of youself and god bless you!

    My Kindest Regards,
    MASASHI Tsuchiya
    one of your fans in Kobe, Japan

    • fergie says:

      Masashi. I don’t remember If I met you or not but such a warm welcome was unexpected and I will remember the shows with Legends for my lifetime. Amazing wonderful people you are and to sing with Bobby, Bill and Steve, what fun.
      The band kicked serious “you know what” and sounded great.
      The Japanees crew was top notch and talented.
      A dream come true.
      Thanks for the well wishes and I’ll be around for much longer my friend.

    • Thorsten says:

      Hi MASASHI !

      Do you know the new version of “Angel don’t cry” (Toto – Isolation 1984) ?
      Heard it last week on internetradio.
      It’s way better than the original – almost thirty years later. (the guitars have more priority)

      Luv you Japanese fans ! ((You keep it alive)

      Best regards !

  • Teppo says:

    Dear Fergie! I’d like to thank you for giving your great voice for us to hear. Your Happiness Is The Road-album is absolutely great, just can’t stop listening to it! And your performances in any stage with any band makes me jump for joy. You are Endless! All the best and greetings from Finland, hope to see you onstage one day, I really do.

  • Barry Brown says:

    Hi Denny! From your past camping friend and gymnast from Rogers
    High. Don’t forget I saved you on the tramp once.
    Russ Brown and everyone else pray and wish for your health.
    Carol Brown tells me your doing great. Thats great to hear.
    I still remember watching you on Merv Griffin with your parentsat
    My uncles tv store.Keep up the vocals,sounds great.
    Happy Holidays from all of us in Grand Rapids who think about you.

    Barry Brown

  • Geno hepcat says:

    fergy thinking about you hope you are doing OK hoping to see you
    your bro

  • Geno hepcat says:

    Fergy thinking of you and hope you are doing OK Mark and me are looking forward to seeing you soon
    your bro

  • Ron Waicul says:

    Hey Fergie, It’s Ron from Reno/Carson City. I hear you’re feeling well. I was hoping we could get a round of golf in if you’re ever back in this area or if your still in the Minneapolis area when I get out there next. Drop me a line and let me know how you and Carl are doing. Ron W.

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