The official Toto website, Fergie used to be a vocalist of Toto.

World Classic Rockers

The World Classic Rockers, a group that Fergie is a member of, with many other great artists.

Facebook Group

This is a support group for Fergie at Facebook, you’ll have to register to get in.

Steve Lukather

Guitarist and vocalist of Toto, and now a great friend of Fergie again.

Bobby Kimball

The founding vocalist of Toto, and once again back in the band for many years now. Bobby is a great friend of Fergie, and our Webmaster Klaus Jakobsen.

Mike Porcaro

Bassist of Toto and one Fergie toured with when he was part of Toto.


Fergie used to be vocalist in LeRoux, and recorded the brilliant album “So fired up” with them in the early eighties.

Frontiers Records

The Italian record company the Fergie is signed to at the moment, they are true defenders of AOR and classic rock!

Melodic Rock

Andrew McNeice is running this website, a must read every day for all rock fans!

Tommy DeNander

Website of producer, writer and multiinstrumentalist TD. Have recently released Baptism By Fire with Fergie.

Tor Talle

Tor Talle released Northern Light in 2005 with Fergie as a guest vocalist.


A great Italian Toto website, they recently did an interview with Fergie.

IV Toto

A tribute project from GGMStudios to Toto

10 Responses to Links

  • Frank says:

    Fergie!!!! I just picked up Baptism By Fire and I hvae to say this is one of the best Melodic Rock CD’s I’ve picked up in years! I love the whole CD but most of all at this time in my life Left With Nothing is apropos!
    THanks for getting back out there, I’ve turned this onto 3 people so far and hitting all the on-line forums I frequent to tell them about this CD!

    Oh by the way, I don’t know who is managing your Myspace, but when you go to you get some profile that belongs to a girl named Naomi. hey might be a song there! LOL!!
    Seems your profile has been hacked.

    Take care and Peace!
    Frank aka Drmrsdad

  • Domenico says:


    my name is Domenico and I’m co-owner of , a Official Toto Italian WebSite.

    I’d be happy if you could have a look at it and, if you like, add it in your links page. It consequentially come obvious that I’ll do the same for you.

    If you can give me a feedback, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

    thanks a lot

    Domenico Turiano
    Tel: +39-349-3131474

  • Christian says:

    Hello Fergie! I’ve been a die hard Toto fan for years. I just bought your cd from I think it is a great record. A lot of Toto elements can be heard here :)) I think it would be fantastic if Toto would go out on tour with all it’s singers. What a show. Each period of each singer would be covered.
    What a show that would be. I ‘ve never seen you live, but welcome to Finland and play. Hope all the best to you Fergie, Tommy and your families.
    Sincerly Christian from Finland

  • Sheila says:

    Fergie, thank you for treating Laurie and I like Family. I really had a great time this past weekend. I would like to see more of your concerts. Please keep me informed. The 3 concerts this weekend were great. You, Alex, Jimi and the band were fantastic. These 3 concerts were a dream come true for me.



    gracias por tu maravillosa web de conocimiento musical

  • eduardo bartrina says:

    greetings for music

  • Benjamin Blake Mitchner says:

    Heard the horrible news from my friend Leon Medica of Le Roux that you have cancer. I can’t bear to think of losing you. You’ve inspired me for years and years and were it not for you I would never be pursuing my vocals at all. You gave me everything I needed to have enough guts to push forward with music. You’ve been in my heart for a long time now through Trillion, Le Roux, and Toto. I was in touch for a few years with Klaus and send all my very best to him too. There is a real melodic majesty in your voice. Your pitch is incredible and you have a lot of emotion, a lot of heartfelt honesty. I am losing, we are all losing too many of our heroes, but they are not just heroes- they are friends and inspirations. I am hard at work on a rock opera about love and the pain of war. Hopefully I can get enough singers together + musicians + myself on some vox and guitars to bring it to reality. I want to cover the song “Isolation” or “Hold Out” in dedication to you and all you’ve meant to me. be strong, fight on, keep the light of hope in your heart my friend. love

  • jon macvean says:

    will any of the toto rarities ever be heard on movie soundtracks in the future or unreleased toto songs sopposedly they had unreleased studio album leftover songs from all 13 studio albums thanks jon macvean

  • John Sposato says:

    RIP Fergie.

  • jonmacvean says:

    any unreleased songs with fergie fredericksonwith toto thanks jon macvean

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