Baptism By Fire

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Here we will try to update you on reviews and other related news on the new album with Fergie Frederiksen. Frederiksen/Denander – Baptism By Fire.

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Review from Hardrock Haven (9,3 out of 10):

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Fergie interview by Lords of metal:〈=en

6 Responses to Baptism By Fire

  • tom says:

    best record i heard in long time and i love fredriksen as one of best singers in the world.

  • stan pettengill says:

    Where can we buy the album?

  • Frank says:

    Fergie!!!! I just picked up Baptism By Fire and I hvae to say this is one of the best Melodic Rock CD’s I’ve picked up in years! I love the whole CD but most of all at this time in my life Left With Nothing is apropos!
    THanks for getting back out there, I’ve turned this onto 3 people so far and hitting all the on-line forums I frequent to tell them about this CD!

    Oh by the way, I don’t know who is managing your Myspace, but when you go to you get some profile that belongs to a girl named Naomi. hey might be a song there! LOL!!
    Seems your profile has been hacked.

    Take care and Peace!
    Frank aka Drmrsdad

  • Edwin says:

    Hi, please find my review of the album at:



  • Marco Sini says:

    The best rock-singer alive and an extraordinary record: together with “Isolation”, “Baptism By Fire” is certainly my favorite album ever.

    Marco S.

  • Andri says:

    My review of the album :

    (In Indonesian)

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