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Fergie Frederiksen has written a track by track comment for the songs included In the highly anticipated album with Tommy Denander “Baptism By Fire” released on Frontiers Records on June 8th 2007. Enjoy the read!

LET HIM GOTommy sent me the files on this one and Pamela McNiel and I did the lyrics. I had always wanted to do a song about a gal who had to move on from an abusive relationship. Everyone’s saying how she needs to get out but she can’t. It happens too much in this world today. Let him go. Protect your pride, dignity and dreams. It can be done!

RIGHT HEARTSo many times in life the timing is bad. Could we have met earlier or later and would it have worked out? Destinies are not always inline and love is not always enough.

SILVER LININGThis song has been with TD for many years. I took the lyrics and changed them to fit a personal friends situation. He was having a hard time with a break up and it was very clear to me he had lost his silver lining.

CROSSING OVERThis is Ricky Phillips at his best. A great musical track and Ricky and I ran with it. The connection we all share with loved ones doesn’t end after their death. We keep a piece of them with us forever. The tears, the joy, the good times and the bad. The strength, the weakness all lives on. The bridge sums it up.  Save me a place, I’ll see you tomorrow. And until then I will always cherish your love!

WRITTEN IN STONE“I Love You” are the three words written in stone. When you have the need to find answers you will. Ricky again is amazing and took TD’s music and made it work for us.
I loved the first low verse and then letting it sore for the next verses while keeping the chorus layered and structured. 

SAVING GRACEThis song is for Tris. When I was going through Hep C treatment she was my saving grace. She also is my best friend and works for the American Liver Foundation and does the rock event for the awareness of Hep C that we do each year. She and the ALF have helped to raise awareness for Hep C and save life’s. Someday we hope to bring the concert to Europe.

BAPTISM BY FIREBaptism By Fire is the one song that means the most to me. I think TD feels the same way because it is about our Fathers. When my Dad was slipping away and I was home in Michigan, I wrote the hook. I was in and out of the hospital with him for days at a time and had a real awakening. My sister, Char, was there every day taking care of both him and my Mother and for the first time since he was getting worse I experienced what she was going through. Because I live in a Minnesota I wasn’t able to be there all the time. Not to mention I was on the road for days and weeks at a time. I thank God for her and felt what it was like to deal with all the emotion she had dealt with on a daily basis. The lyrics put the whole thing together. Jim Peterik is first of all a dear friend and also someone who has a way with story telling not many possess. He and I took the time to discuss my feelings and the situation I was wanting to describe. It all happened quite quickly and no one could have helped me better to express my feelings in this song. Thank you Jim.

CAN’T GET ENOUGHA fictitious wet dream I think. You can’t get it out of your head good bad or otherwise. There’s no explaining chemistry.

NEVER TRY TO LOVE AGAINThis is one that TD had for a while and is just a good song. All you do to make things work sometimes is not enough if the other person is not signed up for it. Even if it means everything to you! Then you might just give up.

DEAD ENDI reworked the lyrics and the melody to this song TD wrote. I think it had actually been released before by some other band. I had a blast singing it. Got me back to some serious kickass vocals. Fun song. I’ve never met Corine!

KEEP A LIGHT ONA commitment of love. Asking for a show of faith with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. If there is a light you will follow. Will there be a light on? If there is you’ll find your way home.

LEFT WITH NOTHINGCaught up in doubts. Your self esteem is being questioned and your pride. Not a very comfortable place to be in life. Especially after you have been lead on that there really was something to believe in. Played for a fool. Not a good place to be but unfortunately it happens.
Another from TD’s archives.

Note:  Thanks to my friends Jim Peterik, Ricky Phillips, Pamela McNiel and the other co-writers. And especially for TD’s craftful guitar work and song writing. Also here comes an extract from the first album review that appeared on the Web from “If you think Radioactive, Jim Jidhed, Mecca and Pride Of Lions is AOR that you want to hear then Baptism By Fire is a album you can’t avoid and if you do that I think that’s a felony. The production is top-notch with and the whole album sounds super tight. This could be the AOR-album of the year and it must be one helluva album to beat Baptism By Fire. Fantastic work guys and don’t makes us wait other 3 years for a follow up!” – Juha Harjula

23 Responses to From Fergie

  • Martin Groen says:

    Hi Fergie,

    Best from Holland, I Lovet his Album

    Martin Groen

  • Nora says:

    Fergie thanks for coming to Hutchinson, MN to support McLeod Alliance on 7/7/07. You are a wonerful artist. I wish more people would have come. There was so much going on this weekend, it being the 4th and the car show going. I have gone to many concerts and music festivals and enjoy the music world very much. Hope to see you again. I do not remember Hutch having music artist like yourself come here. People missed out. Again thanks .

    Your fan,

  • Jorge Sosa says:


    Thanks to you and Heartbreaker for playing Hutch last week. I second Nora’s wish that there had been more people but those that did attend had fun, I think. I like Foreigner and I came across a quote today that made me think of that line from “Double Vision.” Who knew arena rock could be so deep? 🙂

    “We get into the habit of living before acquiring the habit of thinking. In that race which daily hastens us towards death, the body maintains its irreparable lead.” — Albert Camus


  • rik stirling says:


    I have built a new world-class studio that I’d like to chat with you about, along with catching up with a friend. Could you please contact us? We have no way of finding you….

    I trust that all is well with you, my friend…

    Rik and Diane Stirling~

  • rik stirling says:


    Another message… could you please contact us?

    Rik Stirling

  • Cyndi Jungkuntz says:

    In conjunction weith your last hepc rock show, there was a bracelet that you could buy with a symbolic drop of a blood colored stone. Unfornuately, I didn’t buy it at the time, bur hindsight being what it is, I want to now. Do you still have the name of the artist who created these? Thanks!

    Cyndi J.

  • Dave Montini says:

    Hi Fergie,
    I am a Toto fan and I really find your voice great.
    I think you are one of the most underrated singers ever.
    I heard your samples of the new CD on myspace: these rock, absolutely !!!!
    Great AOR !!!
    Thanks again
    Dave (Monzon)

  • rufus says:

    this might be far fetched, however, seeing you and knowing you in TRILLION was landmark in its time! Knowing that the band has reformed in Chicago, and has brought the life back in it, would you consider giving them a call?

    a HUGE fan!

  • Rodrigo says:

    I’m writting from Mexico City, we hope to see you guys over here, soon enough. I’ve been listening to Baptism By Fire, over and over and I have to say that is an amazing album. There are two particular songs, the powerful “Dead End”, and the beautiful, Toto-ish-vibe, very cool “Left With Nothing”. For a minute there I thought I was listening to all the swing and feeling of Michael Porcaro on that cool bass line. Just want to say congratulations on a great work, and like Dave Montini says on his comment, I too think you’re a fantastic singer, and a part of Toto’s best album (my opinion, of course) Isolation. Cheers, mate!

  • michael kersey says:

    where can I send some old pictures of TRILLION?

    • Webmaster says:

      Hi Michael!
      If you have them on your computer, then you can e-mail me at: klaus (at) fergiefrederiksen (dot) com
      If not, then send me an e-mail, and I can give you my address…


  • Bill Wilkins says:

    The re-issue of our original record sounds great. Your vocal performances sound even better than I remember. God Bless and let me know how you’re doing.

  • Patrick Leonard says:

    Hi Fergie,

    I’d love to talk to you my old friend.


  • Ketil says:

    Miss ya… Hope ur back in a flash!!

  • Ketil says:

    I’m just listening to your voice by TOTO and Denander ….. Recoup soon as HE**. We need you.

  • Ken says:

    Fergie – do you remember the fall of 1971 at “the Bank” in Grand Rapids – I was the sax player in the original version of “Flyin’Home” – I lost all copies of the “Flyin’ Home Boogie” for 40 years until i chanced to find one on ebay a few weeks ago. It was wonderful to hear you and Harry Lucas’s voices again. I can see life has been good – thats wonderful – best to you always!

    • Doug Taylor says:

      Fergie, Ken and Harry, my partner Kim Rush and I are compiling a Humongous Music Website and we are looking for band information. If you was in a band in West Michigan back when, then we would encourage you to contact us at: Our website is rather long, but it is worth the typing: This website when done, is being donated to the Grand Rapids Public Museum – Michigan Room. Sincerely Doug Taylor

  • August Ohmstede says:

    Fergie, I hope you are doing well. I was J. Odom’s neighbor when you where in LeRoux. I have great memories listed to you all play in the barn. Take Care!
    August O.

  • Dave Hollingsworth says:

    Hi Fergie… Next time you are in Jacksonville FL. contact me. I have a great golf course you will no doubt enjoy. Take care… Dave Hollingsworth

  • denis donoso says:

    Dear Fergie, I met you when Denny laine and Roselee were in the band, I had the great pleasure to see you in northern california several times and the honor to meet you and a few of the other players at that time. I continued to research your career and became concern about your health and hepatitis C, we were able at one time to exchange emails from the road and where ever possible. I had checked on the WCR website and noticed you were missing, what I do know is that your health has challanged your spirit and lust for life! I pray that you rebound soon, and do what you do best my friend, sing!!! Thank you for your music and the desire to heal and return to a full life with your family….with much regards….denis donoso, Palm Springs California……I just retired at 60 years young.

  • Marcelo Saparrat says:

    Dear Fergie:

    First of all, I am very happy to know that your health is in recovery, and I ask God to give you a lot of life, so you can enjoy it with your family, friends and of course, the music for which you have a great talent !!.

    I am writing this email because I wonder if it is possible to contact you to tell you that we have a proposal with my band here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We started to do a tribute to TOTO fifteen years ago, and since then has always been a dream to share it with a member of TOTO. A few months ago was in Buenos Aires Bobby Kimball, playing with a band made ​​up of local musicians. It was a great show!!.

    Since then, we thought we could repeat that experience, but with you as a singer, and with our band. In addition, we take you to visit this beautiful city and country, if you want.

    It would be a dream come true for every member of our band “TOTO tribute” to share the stage with you.

    PS: the band is formed by renowned local musicians, very talented and professional.

    Take care and best regards!

    Marcelo Saparrat

  • Miguel Angel says:

    Hola Fergie!.

    Gracias!!! por llenar nuestros corazones con tu gran voz, con tus grandes canciones,
    melodias, la verdad que me emocioné al escuchar tu nuevo trabajo y desearte toda
    la suerte del mundo, que de verdad te la mereces.
    Muchisima fuerza!, y animo desde Spain.
    Un saludo.

  • Terry Moore says:

    Hey Ferg.
    How about a blast from the past. We sure had some good times back in the 70’s. I still remember setting up for Flyin Home at the Rockford High School. The beginning of an awesome career. We Proud of all your accomplishments. Patty and I think of you often.
    If ever in the GR area look us up.
    Love to you, Terry & Patty Moore

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