Radioactive – f4our – Two new songs with Fergie!

Hi folks!

Musically, and personally, the time after my dear friend Fergie Frederiksen passed away, have been very tough. Not only did he have his struggles, and faded away from them, but we also fought the cancer monster in my close family. My sister in-Law lost her fight too, just 42 years old. These things are just not fair, and there will never be an explanation as to why the world has to be so cruel at times!

During this time, I just have not had the energy or anything to keep this website updated, I felt, what would be the point? Anyway, I’m not saying the will be plenty of updates from here, but Things are in the making. Not only will Toto release their new album XIV in March, which is an excellent album, but Escape Music is also releasing a New Radioactive album in April. F4our is the name of the album, and it has Fergie on vocals on two new songs.

“Back to the game”, and “Just a man” are the two new songs with Fergie. The album also has two new songs of the late, and good friend of Fergie, Jimi Jamison, amongst others.

Read about the album here, and watch the promo as well, you can hear a glimpse of the two Fergie songs:

So, maybe it is time for the world to get back to it’s feet again? I don’t know, but I AM looking forward to hearing new music again from my friend Fergie, hope you folks will too!

Take care folks, and stay strong!



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